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Tehzeeb Lalani
Tehzeeb Lalani

Up until the age of 16, I did not own any makeup (yes, it was a simpler time). Come high school (what we refer to as college in India), I mastered the art of applying kohl and chapstick and sometimes even a glossy lip gloss! When I turned 19 and moved to New York City, I upped the game a little and learned some basics on eye liner and blush. Between 19-22 (and I promise I am not making this up or exaggerating), I have owned the EXACT same makeup. Kohl, eyeliner, a little eye shadow here and there and some basic lip color and an occasional blush and bronzer.

23 onward, every time I dressed up for night outs and social events like weddings, I realized something about my look was off. My dressing was on point but I was so completely clueless on hair and makeup and a part of me knew that okay, I am becoming an adult and so makeup won't look funny on me anymore but I had no idea how to go about it. 2 years later, one of the most glorious and transformational things happened in my life. My cousin got married to a makeup artist! Of course there is so much more to Alyshah than what she does, but this was an immense blessing!

This testimonial is my way of saying thank-you to her for being so patient with me and answering all the strange, random questions on makeup I pester her with. Of course I got some added privileges when I attended her wedding and she took me out makeup shopping and meticulously explained what looks good, how it ought to be applied etc. I can't say that I have learned everything already but thanks to her, my makeup skills have gotten so, so, so much better and I no longer have to fret before a night out anymore! In fact, I look forward to the process and constantly trying the new things she teaches me! She really understands individual temperament too. She knows I prefer basic, elegant, classy looks as opposed to anything loud which I couldn't pull off and so taught me as per that.

Thank you Alyshah and I apologize in advance but until I become even better, the questions will keep coming 😄

Shabnam Kanji Hooda
Shabnam Kanji Hooda

I contacted Alyshah to do my make up for an engagement party. She was AMAZING!!! From understanding my specific needs of how I wanted my make up to look to finding the right colors to match my skin. She knew exactly what I wanted! I couldn't be happier! She was very professional and had all the lighting and special equipment that you would find at a "real" salon. She has a very friendly personality which made the experience even better. I was appalled at how she transformed me! That night I got soooo many compliments and the best part of all -my make up stayed on! I can't wait for another occasion to use her services. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and everyone! Love you Alyshah!!! Best of luck!💕

Farah Mandani
Farah Mandani

Alyshah truly is very gifted with seeing beauty in everything. She did my bridal henna for my feet and I thought it wouldn’t look so great because I have a permanent tattoo on one of my feet. The fact that she made my henna look flawless working around my tattoo to make it part of the design with such ease assured me that this was least of my worries. Alyshah definitely has the true talent to make anyone look and feel beautiful. Thank you Alyshah for making my day special with your gift!

Lizna Mamdani Satchu
Lizna Mamdani Satchu

I have always loved makeup.. but after my baby I became very laid back.. but because of Alyshah's encouragement and help I fell in love with makeup once again.. I love and admire her makeup skills and she is my inspiration.. I think she is one of the finest makeup artist I know.....u rock girl